As the Sabbat lead a crusade against Las Vegas, while increasing activity in several other domains across the United States, they ran into much fiercer resistance than expected. Las Vegas, due to a variety of Praxis changes over the years, had several Camarilla veteran fighters, and the city itself seemed quite used to protecting silence of the blood almost on its own, freeing up more resources to fight back against the Sabbat.

The Sabbat also found many of their shock tactics against the Camarilla’s mostly humane vampire were far less effective than expected. Las Vegas quickly turned into a meat grinder for the Sabbat, and they decided resources were better spent elsewhere. The Sabbat stopped sending many reinforcements to the packs in Las Vegas, and the crusade has since turned to a guerilla war. For the Sabbat, the Vegas stakes are high, but in the City of Sin, you win big, or die small.

There are several travel risks involved in Las Vegas. The city is not Sabbat territory, and the powers that run Las Vegas are quite happy to kill any member of the Sword they find. The outlying areas are also controlled by Anarchs, who have suffered at the hands of the other sects, and also have little problem killing potential enemies before they ever have a chance to become a danger to them.



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