The Storytellers are here strictly for purposes of judging combat, character sheet submissions, settling Out Of Character disputes that are game-related and helping new players learn the game. We are  NOT here to baby-sit and we are NOT here to censor or regulate posts or SL's. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, please e-mail the Storytellers with them.

  Jas   Storyteller  storyteller@sinfulafterdark.com
  Becca   Storyline Coordinator  coordinator@sinfulafterdark.com
  OPEN   Character Interaction  interaction@sinfulafterdark.com


 NOTICE: We're always looking for new personas. Please feel free to contact or submit a CS to an ST.

 5.11.16   New website layout up and running.

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 5.17.17   We have created a Discord server as well. Link is down below, the skull next to the Facebook icon.

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