Las Vegas, a city of sin, vice, and money has had a turbulent history. Under Camarilla leadership, Princes came and went, with many keeping Praxis for less than a year. In a city that encourages greed, the Ivory Tower’s ideals fall to the wayside. For nearly a century the Camarilla fought over who would rule Las Vegas like starving dogs fight for a bone. More often than not either the Brujah or the Ventrue were running the show, and over the years even the kine could tell the obvious power struggle between their agents, organized crime and corporations.

Las Vegas is now known as an independent city, rather than run by a sect. There are elements of all the sects present because of this. The city is run by the Independent Alliance, but the Camarilla still have a strong presence. Many of the outlying towns are small Anarch Baronies, who are in need of resources in Las Vegas. And there are established packs within Las Vegas. Everyone is out to get everyone in this dog eat dog setting.

The information within this section is made up, and some information may appear to be similar to true establishments within the city. Please utilize each of them appropriately.

Sinful Darkness WW (openable on AOL only)
This is our main room for recruiting purpose. Any sort of SL can take place here, without any questions asked.

Club Distraction (openable on AOL only)
Welcome to Club Distraction! We brought the heat of Miami to the Sinful City of Vegas. Anything you could want in a club, we have it here. Our soundproof walls make it so that no music is heard outside of the club. When the doors open, our state of the art sound system can be heard for blocks around us. Prepare to stand in line, because there is always a wait to get in.



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