The Camarilla has risen in prominence in Kindred society. Their influence is such that the other sects and independents have had to take more to the shadows. They are around, but if they cannot prove their loyalty, they will not find a friendly welcome in a Camarilla city. However, Las Vegas is a difficult city to keep an iron grip on. With all of the tourists and international corporations there is plenty of opportunity for things to get out of hand.. fast.

Under the guiding hand of the Camarilla, the city has put a new polish on their public image. Tourism was increasing and the Kindred of Las Vegas saw great opportunity to invest in business and set themselves up for a comfortable life. In recent years, the corruption and grime have begun to boil just beneath the surface. The Strip is a place of great debauchery if you know where to look. The rest of the city is fast becoming a festering wound waiting to burst. It is clear that there are other parties at work here, but who?



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